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September 21, 2006


Physicians for Compassionate Care Applauds Senate Bill 3788:

The Assisted Suicide Prevention Act of 2006


Last month, U.S. Senator Sam Brownback introduced S.3788, The Assisted Suicide Prevention Act of 2006, which would prohibit doctors from prescribing federally controlled substances for the purpose of physician-assisted suicide.


Senator Brownback said “When the law permits killing as a medical ‘treatment,’ society’s moral guidelines are blurred, and killing could gain acceptance as a solution for the chronically ill or vulnerable.”  Physicians for Compassionate Care Education Foundations (PCCEF) agrees with Senator Brownback as he went on to say, “The American Medical Association and disability rights groups are strongly opposed to physician-assisted suicide because it is antithetical to the doctor’s role as a healer and it jeopardizes the ability of the infirm and helpless to defend themselves.” 


PCCEF respectfully urges physicians and allied health professionals across the country to contact their senators to let them know the importance of being a co-sponsor to S.3788, the Assisted Suicide Prevention Act of 2006, and that they need to work with Senator Brownback towards a Senate floor vote on this important piece of legislation.


PCCEF will continue to promote an ethic that all human life has inherent value, and that physician-assisted suicide is wrong because: 

  • It changes the role of the physician in society from the traditional one of healer to that of the executioner. 
  • It endangers trust in the patient-physician relationship. 
  • It places those who are most vulnerable, namely those near the end of life, at risk.


For further information contact Charles J. Bentz MD, FACP, President: Physicians for Compassionate Care Education Foundation by email at


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